Data Collection and Reporting Tools (outcomes and output data)

Lunch at the Library’s evaluation tools help libraries collect valuable data on the impact of their summer meal programs, and help maintain statewide data on California’s public library summer meals programs and summer meal outreach and partnership activities. Results from libraries’ evaluation efforts show the impact of Lunch at the Library across California.

The following evaluation tools are available to participating libraries to evaluate and report on their summer meal programs, “Grab-and-Go” meals at the library, and/or enrichment activities taken out to a community meal site.  Survey questions, for reference only, are below. Project staff will distribute online survey link(s) to participating libraries to collect output and outcomes data.


Output Data

2020 Lunch at the Library Participation Survey 

Statewide Participation Survey 2020
For all participating libraries to complete at the end of the summer. This survey primarily captures output data, e.g. program numbers, enrichment activities offered/provided, etc.


Outcomes Data

Summer Outcomes Survey for Meal Participants

We understand that not everyone will be able to collect outcomes data this summer, but an outcomes survey is available for libraries who want and are able to capture this information from families (adults, teens and children) who participate in summer meal service.

The Summer 2020 Outcomes Survey will help libraries understand and demonstrate how their programs:

  • provide help/support to their communities;
  • offer enriching experiences; and
  • keep people learning.

Summer 2020 Outcomes Survey (English)
Summer 2020 Outcomes Survey (Spanish)


Youth Development Survey for Teen Volunteers

Youth Development Survey for Teen Volunteers 2020
This survey evaluates the impact of libraries’ youth development programs, and is distributed to the teen volunteers of libraries’ summer meal programs and activities.


Using Program Data

Use program data — stories, quotes, numbers — to raise awareness of value and impact of the summer meal program.

  • Customize the Infographic template by including local data to highlight the library’s impact.
  • Include information about summer meal programs and activities in the library’s annual report, and reports to the library foundation, the friends group, and to city council.
  • Promote success stories on the library’s website, in the library, in local media, and to local partners. Make sure the whole community knows about the summer meal program.
  • Let all library staff know about the program’s successes.
  • Use program data to reflect on the summer’s activities and work with staff to improve the program.