Apply now for Lunch at the Library grant funds! These funds are intended to support the enhancement and expansion of California’s 2019 library-based summer meal partnerships and programs.

Funds are available to:

  • provide seed money to support libraries serving summer meals for the first time,
  • support expansion of the number of summer meal sites in your library jurisdiction,
  • support pop-up library programming at nearby non-library community summer meal sites (this is a great opportunity for libraries that want to support summer meal programs but cannot, or prefer not to, serve meals at a library location),
  • enhance existing summer meal site(s) with self-directed and facilitated programming,
  • support a youth development/teen volunteer component to an existing summer meal program,
  • support early childhood nutrition education as a component to an existing summer meal program.

To apply for these funds:

Fill out the below notification-of-interest (link) letting us know you are interested in receiving these funds. Please have one representative from your library jurisdiction fill out the “Notification of Interest” by Friday, February 15th, 2019:

In the linked survey please indicate which type of funds you are interested in receiving. There are several categories of funds:

  • Seed funds for a library jurisdiction starting a summer meal program for the first time in 2019 ($5000)
  • Seed funds for library jurisdictions already serving summer meals seeking to open additional summer meal sites in order to expand the number of branches serving summer meals. ($2000 per new site)
  • Pop-up library programming funds to support library jurisdictions enhancing local non-library community meal sites with pop-up library programming. ($1000-$2000* per site)
  • Programming funds for existing summer meal sites seeking to enhance their program(s). Programming funds may be used for program facilitation, program supplies to support self-directed and/or facilitated programming, and for additional high-priority summer meal needs ($1000-$2000* per site). Self-directed or facilitated programming are activities such as:  art-making & building; cooking & nutrition education; early childhood & family literacy; music & theater; science, technology, engineering & math; sports, physical activities & games; summer reading activities; youth development activities.
  • Youth Development Funds to support a youth development/teen volunteer component to an existing summer meal program,
  • Early Childhood Nutrition Education Funds to support early childhood nutrition education as a component of an existing summer meal programs.

*We are unable to confirm exact funding amounts until all requests for program expansion funds, program enhancement funds, and pop-up library programming funds have been received.

We realize that you may still be working on your summer meal planning for summer 2019. Even if site-plans are tentative, or a plan to partner with a community meal site is tentative, please include this information on the form and simply make a note of the tentative nature of your planning. We will work to divide these Lunch at the Library funds to maximize the benefit to as many library communities as possible, statewide.
Along with these funds we will provide you evaluation tools so that you can show the impact of your summer programming.
For more information about serving summer meals in California’s libraries, programming ideas, and for a host of resources and evaluation tools please visit

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, or if we can assist you in any way with your summer meal program planning. Email Trish Garone at with questions.